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A Lawyer's Lawyer

If you are handling a matter concerning complex ethical issues, potential malpractice claims, or a dispute over attorneys' fees, you are likely to need a qualified testifying expert. If so, you've come to the right place. Jim King is a highly experienced ethics and fee issues lawyer with offices in San Diego who assists fellow attorneys in the Los Angeles area as well as nationwide in all matters relating to the law of lawyering.

Mr. King's advice has been relied upon by lawyers, clients, and judges throughout the United States and internationally, including Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, Washington D.C., Delaware, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, London, Paris, Riyadh, Japan, China, India, and Kenya. He has proven himself to be the "go to" lawyer for those with serious ethical and legal matters to resolve.

Legal Consultant and Expert Witness

As early as 1991, after just ten years practicing law, a Federal Judge declared Mr. King a legal expert on the practice of law in a jury trial involving felony prosecutions of some 15 attorneys. The Judge's words were: "Mr. King, you know what you're talking about – I want to hear what you think." Shortly thereafter, a California Court of Appeals wrote: "Any challenge to Mr. King's credentials as an expert is without merit." These holdings were made long before Mr. King developed much of the expertise, experience, and judgment which he commands today.

Some highlights of Mr. King's experiences include the following:

  • Retained as "Moral Character" counsel by the State Bar of California
  • Retained to coordinate a billion dollar patent case by a Fortune 100 Company
  • Designated Panel Chair by the American Arbitration Association to determine a $250 Million legal malpractice and fee dispute case
  • Designated Special Master by Criminal Judges in serious matters (including a prosecution in which attorneys were considered suspects as accomplices to murder, and a prosecution for judicial bribery)
  • Testified by declaration as an expert witness on behalf of a client opposing a $2.2 Million fee request. Immediately following Mr King's expert declaration, plaintiff attorneys walked away from a fee claim that they have been pursuing for over a decade.
  • Successfully defended a million dollar "true retainer"
  • Immediately following Mr. King's trial testimony in a complex legal malpractice jury trial, a judge dismissed the case based upon Mr. King's analysis
  • Has had his testimony and expertise validated in four different judicial decisions.
  • Retained as an expert witness by the Internal Revenue Service to calculate the precise value of a highly complex $90 Million legal malpractice claim
  • Qualified as an legal expert witness in legal malpractice, conflict of interest, legal fees, malicious prosecution, legal ethics, attorney-client privilege, litigation privilege, case valuation, client trust fund, fiduciary duty and abuse of process trials and arbitrations
  • Served as a professor of legal ethics to law students, and as a highly recognized teacher of legal ethics in continuing legal education courses to practicing lawyers

Mr. King is an experienced expert witness who testifies in cases involving Fee Disputes, Legal Malpractice and Legal Ethics.

In his more than thirty years of experience as a practicing attorney, expert witness, consultant, and arbitrator, Mr. King has worked painstakingly to develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles governing the effective and ethical practice of law. His knowledge of this subject is thorough, comprising a clear understanding of the relevant theories and practical realities facing today's legal environment.

Some examples of areas where his services have proven invaluable include:

  • Legal Malpractice – Mr. King's thorough grasp of the nuances of these cases – and every one is different – is demonstrated by the number of times he has been retained as counsel, hired as a consultant, been held qualified to testify, and appointed to arbitrate these matters.
  • Managing Outside Counsel – Mr. King has worked with the executives and house counsel of many large, medium, and small businesses to supervise and manage outside counsel, ensuring that their work was as effective and efficient as possible;
  • Attorney Fee Disputes – Mr. King has handled or supervised well over 250 attorney-client fee arbitrations under the auspices of the State Bar of California. He has also served as a consultant or testifying expert in numerous seven and eight-figure attorney client fee disputes.
  • The Attorney-Client Relationship – Mr. King's understanding of this relationship is based on the knowledge of hundreds of instances where the relationship was successful, and hundreds where it was not. He has frequently been retained by both attorneys and clients to make certain that their relationship was successful, to terminate it to the satisfaction of all concerned, or, when necessary, to assist one side or the other when the dispute turns into litigation. As stated above, a Fortune 100 company retained him as Special House Counsel over a two- year period to supervise three outside law firms in a billion dollar patent case.
  • Malicious Prosecution/Abuse of Process – Mr. King is one of the few attorneys in the United States who has been qualified as a testifying witness in trials of both of these areas of law.
  • Conflict of Interest – Mr. King's advice and testimony have frequently covered both actual and potential conflicts between attorney and client, as well as conflicts between clients.
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility – Mr. King's testimony in this area is based upon his wealth of knowledge derived through teaching law school courses and conducting over 40 continuing legal education courses on this subject. The California State Bar recognized one of his courses as the best offered Statewide on any subject.
  • "Getting In, Getting Out, Getting Paid" – Mr. King advises lawyers on (and has testified about) the nuances of fee agreements, the appropriate reasons and manner of withdrawal as counsel, and how to receive fair compensation for their services.
  • Other Ethical Matters – In his career, Mr. King has counseled and testified about virtually every duty which attorneys have, including handling client trust funds, advertising and solicitation, etc.
  • Attorney-Client and Work Product Privilege – Mr. King's thorough grasp of this subject has been recognized by numerous Judges and attorneys when they have encountered these issues;

Here for You When You Need an Attorney

For professional advice and assistance in an attorney-client fee dispute, legal malpractice case, or other matter nationwide, contact Jim King, Esq.

For Jim, a lawyer’s lawyer. Thanks for all your input and great advice. With appreciation and gratitude.

Robert Shapiro, February 11, 2011
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