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Legal Expert Witness Throughout the United States

Mr. King has been frequently retained as a testifying expert in matters where millions of dollars are involved in a dispute over an attorney's performance, ethical conduct, or fees. He has been retained in this capacity by preeminent attorneys, Fortune 100 companies, and even the United States Internal Revenue Service. He has testified as a legal malpractice expert witness in forums as diverse as:

  • Numerous State and Federal Courts
  • The United States Tax Court
  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Numerous binding arbitrations
  • The United States Bankruptcy Court
  • The High Court of Kenya

Standards of Practice, Legal Ethics and Fee Disputes

As a legal expert witness, Mr. King has provided expert testimony on behalf of both lawyers and clients in the following general areas:

  • Legal malpractice
  • Standard of practice in litigation
  • Legal ethics
  • Attorneys' fees

At this point in his career, Mr. King has testified about almost any potential variant or subset of these subjects.


Perhaps as important as a legal expert's knowledge and understanding of the law is the expert's credibility. Mr. King's was validated by his retention as "Moral Character Counsel" by the State Bar of California within a decade of being admitted to practice law. More recently, it has been validated by two written decisions of the 4th District Court of Appeals in California, by the United States Tax Court, and by the United States Bankruptcy Court. (In addition there are numerous judgments entered on jury verdicts rendered in accord with Mr. King's opinions.) More importantly, when Superior Court Judges – including the Criminal Presiding Judge in Mr. King's home county – have asked him to advise them confidentially as their Special Master on cases as serious as homicides, they are indicating their complete trust in Mr. King. When Law Enforcement (District Attorneys and Attorney General) attorneys readily agree to his appointment, as well as premier criminal defense counsel, they too are showing that they trust Mr. King.

Mr. King takes pride in the fact that he turns down more potential retentions than he accepts, simply because he will not testify to a proposition with which he does not sincerely agree.

Effective Communication With the Judge and Jury

In addition to substantive knowledge and credibility, a legal malpractice expert witness needs one further ability – that of effective communication to the deciders. In some instances, these are Judges and Law Clerks. Being a former Law Clerk to a Federal Judge himself, Mr. King knows exactly how to communicate to Judges and their clerks (and their research attorneys). It was for this reason that he was retained by a Fortune 100 company to oversee a billion dollar patent case – if highly educated Ph.D.'s in biochemistry and patent lawyers were to speak their own language to even Judges and Law Clerks (not to mention ultimately the jury), they might as well be speaking a Cambodian dialect. And that was one of the key reasons Mr. King was retained in that matter. After he applied his communication skills, the technical presentations quickly went from incomprehensible to understandable.

Yet another level of clarity is necessary when introducing a jury to legal concepts. Most jurors expect a trial to be like something they saw on television, which can be a far cry from how trials actually occur. When properly distilled, the legal expert can teach basic legal principles to a jury without either confusing them or "talking down" to them. In Mr. King's experience, the party who prevails in cases involving lawyering is usually the one best able to simply explain to the jury the matters at hand in language they understand.

Legal Expert Witness with Knowledge, Credibility, and Effective Communication Skills

If your case calls for legal expert witnesses, it calls for one with the knowledge, credibility and ability to communicated complex legal and technical matters in plain yet persuasive terms to judges and juries. In California or nationwide, contact Jim King, Esq. for expert assistance in your case.

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