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Reducing corporate legal expenses

In today's challenging economic environment, corporations can't afford to pay excessive attorneys' fees to outside counsel. Traditionally, there has been a more or less standardized relationship between in house and outside counsel. Recently, there is a developing trend towards "managed legal services" and related methods of refining the traditional relationship. Jim King offers a paradigm shift for corporations that will dramatically improve the quality of legal services while significantly reducing the expense.

Consultants for Corporations in hiring the right legal team

Mr. King draws on his 30+ years of complex business litigation experience to help corporations, whether proactively (before a problem occurs) or remedially (where a problem already exists), to avoid or remedy the following common problems in their relationships with outside litigation counsel:

  • Hiring the best firm for the job
  • Ensuring that a proper Fee Agreement is in place
  • Making certain that the Board of Directors is "on board"
  • Ensuring that the law firm has the right team on the project
  • Navigating through internal corporate politics
  • Eliminating all "padding" from bills
  • Creating a successful litigation plan
  • Wasting corporate money on marginal depositions and discovery
  • Wasting corporate money on unneeded court motions
  • Getting the most from experts by hiring good ones early
  • Making sure the trial team are bona fide trial lawyers rather than "litigators"

An Appropriate Structure is Key to an Effective Relationship

Contracting with outside counsel to deal with investigations, litigation, or other matters is sometimes a difficult decision to make, but it is often the right thing for corporations to do, regardless of the strength of their in-house legal counsel or legal department. Unfortunately, a relationship which is not properly managed from the start can frustrate those aims. Yet with the proper structure and oversight in place, this arrangement can be truly beneficial in meeting company goals and objectives. Managing this process requires not only a budget-conscious mindset but also an attention to numerous details to make sure the corporate client retains the proper level of control and involvement, and that both outside and in-house counsel are able to perform their respective roles without any undue impediments.

Get Help From an Attorney Experienced in Outside Counsel Management

Attorney Jim King has many years of experience advising and assisting corporations in managing outside counsel. Whether you are exploring the possibility of hiring outside counsel, in need of assistance in managing counsel, or seeking resolution of a dispute that has already arisen with counsel, Mr. King can help make your relationship a successful one. In California and nationwide, contact Jim King, Esq.

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